6 Months & Healing


February 17th Marked 6 months since Mark’s passing.

Words escape me a bit that it has already been 6 months.


It can be a funny thing…


It can be your friend or your enemy…

It has been a journey that I have learned a lot from.

I am a Christian. I believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I consider myself pretty open to faith and the things that can happen when one has faith.


But.. It is amazing to see when one is open to allowing good things, spiritual things, etc. to come into their lives…IT CAN HAPPEN…The healing that I have seen in my own soul has been one that only my openness to it could bring.


For example:

I recently visited a handful of mutual friends of Mark and I in the southwest region. After each night, I would fall into my bed with a smirk on my face in gratefulness.


It was the first time I saw myself…(My eyes are watering as I type this. In a good way.) It was the first time I had belly laughed maybe since Mark’s passing. Laughter is truly Healing to one’s soul.


I have also seen and had what I call, “Angels” and different “Spiritual Signs”cross my path, letting me know that Mark is with me and he doesn’t want me to be sad anymore.


Don’t get me wrong, I know the healing will continue, probably, until the day that I pass away, but..it is amazing what can happen in 6 months. It is amazing to see what one person can go through and still have faith that the future is bright.

I will always love you, Mark Hoverson. Thank you for showing me how to Love, have Faith, Trust and…How to keep moving forward amongst the trials.

I will always remember your love for me.

-Shanny (aka – your Bunny)

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