Brave Grace


And just like that, *snaps* I will have two high schoolers and two middle schoolers next school year.

But tonight, I honor Grace Hoverson.

She is my one and only daughter. A gift.

Life can have a funny way of distracting me with my own life, troubles, blessings, work and distractions.


Tonight reminded me that this gift called Grace Hoverson has a precious soul and still a wounded soul from the loss of her dad.

Tonight, she shared her testimony at her 8th grade graduation.

She is so strong.

She doesn’t quit.

She cried and may have wanted to quit while sharing how she lost her dad but…

She did NOT.

She is such an example to me. We can learn from our kids. She is the true Brave one.

Thank you, my Gracie girl, for showing me beauty in your faith.

Life has not been kind to you recently and you handle it with such grace. I admire you.

And thank you, God, for giving me this undeserving gift to hold and treasure.

Cheers to this short journey called life where many lessons are learned to make us wiser for the next adventure to come.

Forever Grateful,


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