Cheers to us


-Our first anniversary since your passing-

Tears streaming down my eyes, my headphones on and Piano Guys on Spotify helping bring words as I type.

16 years ago today I said “I DO” and I washed your feet.

“One lady said it took her back 50 years.” haha.

I washed your feet as a symbol that I would serve you. Not in a weird submission, as in “I will do anything you say” and that’s that.

It was my ‘being’ telling you that I desired you. All of you.

My body wanted to feed you sexually.


My my mind wanted to encourage you with words and feed you with wisdom by reading books over you.

My spirit wanted to let you know that you were my hero and that the way you husbanded and fathered was more than I could of asked for or imagined.

You are my HERO.

Today, as a wave crashed into me while I visited you at your grave site, I let it take me. I embraced it.

With an empty graveyard and snow on the ground, I bent over screamily crying not liking that we are not together this day. Our day.

Give me one moment.


Take a sip of your Long Island Ice Tea, Shannon. It is Mark’s drink of choice.


Wipe the tears, I am in an airport.

Ok. I don’t write this to have a pity party. I write this to bring HONOR to the man I said “I DO” to 16 years ago.


THANK YOU, Mark Hoverson….

THANK YOU for choosing me to be your bride.

(The story of how we got together is kind of fun, I am in the process of writing a book about “US”, even if to have as a journal for my kids.)

THANK YOU for loving me sexually, we had a great love life and I cherish that.

THANK YOU for giving me 4 of the most beautiful children who remind me of you everyday. Some of it brings a smile and some makes me say grrrrr, inside. 😉 But I love all of it.

THANK YOU for never quitting. In anything.

You have had some bumps in life, in your mind, in your work journey and in your health journey. Through it all, you charged on and didn’t quit though it crossed your mind. It was never an option. You taught me that we can choose strength, we can choose to move forward despite what life looks like or feels like.

THANK YOU for rebuking me. I hated it at the time. But I would not be who I am today without those rebukes. You knew me better than anyone. You knew I could handle it. You did it because you loved me.

THANK YOU for adventuring with me. So many memories that we have because you took the leap of faith and invested over $500k into a travel company back in 2008. That company has brought us all over and created some of my most cherished memories with you and our family.

THANK YOU for creating traditions with our family. You taught and started snow skiing in our family. This will be our first winter skiing without you but we will ski a run as a family and dedicate it to you, my love.

THANK YOU for loving Jesus. The Bible says to teach them (the children) in the ways they should go and when they are older they will follow. You have given our children a firm foundation in the faith of Jesus Christ. Even if I don’t carry on as strong as you, I know in the end they will be fine because of the strong foundation that you have given them.

THANK YOU for never being boring. Your love for knowledge and new ideas and new adventures kept me on my toes. Sometimes more than I wanted to be, but, it was never boring. 😉

THANK YOU for teaching and guiding others. All those years of being able to listen and watch you talk to others in trying situations has helped me personally in life and given me an outlook so different than my earlier years.

THANK YOU for letting me be me. I am a bit free spirited and untamed but you loved me none the less. I think that is partially what you liked most about me.

You are one of a kind Mr. Mark Hoverson. #lovebeast

I am so glad you were born and that our paths crossed.

As you have told me: We were not just soulmates in the end, we are forever soulmates. It is rare to find a connection that we have.

We always come back to each other.


Until I see you again, know that you have impacted me like no other human has and I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.

You are my Hero.

I Love you.

Now it is time to catch my connecting flight to Austin, TX to meet some girlfriends that I haven’t seen since I was 20. These girls actually met Mark and I when we were in a bible school (YWAM) together at age 18. Some of them thought Mark and I were one of the married couples because of how comfortable and close we were as friends.


Fun fact: Mark and I were some of the few who had cars during this school, so we would sneak off for a movie more than others. I remember even as his friend desiring to serve him. Back then Mark had a checkbook wallet (showing our age now), and I remember holding it for him during the movie so that he would not lose or forget it at the theatre. (Remember how bulky those things were?)

And Mark created an info product called “SOLOMON EROTICA” describing how we kept our marriage alive through the ups and downs.

I just watched it two nights ago, it made me laugh and cry at the same time.

We had a lot of good times together.

Cheers to the future, Cheers to Love, Cheers to friends, Cheers to growth, Cheers to not being bored, Cheers to knowledge, Cheers to wealth, Cheers to US.


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