The Courage to Hope…

Celine Dion Lyrics:

“Courage, don’t you dare fail me now

I need you to keep away the doubts

I’m staring in the face of something new

You’re all I got to hold on to

So, courage, don’t you dare fail me now”


I felt led to share this message of “Courage”.

Last night Celine Dion was playing and I had this little part in me that said I should have bought tickets, especially with Mark and I’s wedding anniversary coming up in a week.

Mark and I LOVE Celine.

We used to listen to her together.

We always meant to see her in concert, but just never did.

Well, last minute Mark’s cousin, Chad called me and said he won tickets but wasn’t going to go and asked if I would want them?


Of course!

So, Mark’s mom, my 12 year old son Rush (He had never heard of her, haha) and his friend, got in the car and we enjoyed Celine in some amazing seats!

Celine’s tour is called COURAGE. 

This has been my theme since Mark’s passing.

And as more time passes I feel like this becomes even Louder in my head. 

“Have Courage, Shannon”

And as Celine asks of Courage in her lyrics to not leave her now, I do the same.

I ask you to do the same if you are needing courage and losing hope.

Hold tight. Don’t put up that white flag. 

It is right on the other side. 

Keep moving forward.

This is not a message for you to ask me if I am ok.

I am always, ok.

But there are times it gets dark, and sometimes, so dark I can hardly see.

Life maybe isn’t where I thought it would be at this point after Mark’s passing.

Some parts better and some parts worse.

But… I share this to let whoever needs to read this that I am continuing to move forward courageously with Hope.

And if just knowing that someone else going through trials and pain is choosing to flow like water and choosing to send positive vibes and continuing to trust the process and continuing to smile on her face and in her heart, gives you the strength to hold on to the courage to hope, then I will continue to share.

I am the type that takes notice of even the small signs that life gifts to me like amazing last minute seats to Celine Dion.

“Stay Brave and Courageous for your pains are another person’s Gift of Hope as you continue to March forward”

And oh the feeling when we come out on the other side. 

Hold on to that feeling.

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Bravely Flying,


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