Happy Thanksgiving!These pics were taken in 2011 at Mark’s brother Jeff’s wedding.

I hadn’t seen these pics in a while and thought they were a fun family pic to share.

I am super thankful for so many reasons this thanksgiving season but one thing, in particular, touched my heart on a deep level, yesterday.


Micah, our 11-year-old and our youngest, and I were having some bonding time and conversing about many different topics when out of the blue he says non-chalauntly,

“Ya know, I wish I could have gotten to know dad better.”

(Micah was 5 when Mark was diagnosed with cancer and 10 when he passed away.)

For one second my heart wanted to hurt but then immediately it turned towards gratitude because I told Micah that one day when he is ready, he will get to know dad’s heart by listening to his training.

Mark had created ‘Solomon CEO’ specifically for the kids.

Micah smiled and we continued on.

So today, I am specifically thankful for the training that was left to our family and all of you who have purchased a product from us over the years to forever remember Mark Hoverson and the wisdom he shared.

Much love to you, and thank you for your continued support!


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