Loved and Lost

“If We Leave A Legacy,

Let It Be That We Loved Each Other Well.”

November 8, 2002

17 Years Ago today, Mark Hoverson and I said “I Do”

In sickness and in health, til Death do us Part.

Those vows didn’t take the mind space in my heart then as they do now.

We were young and naive. The thought of losing Mark was never a serious thought.

I always thought I would die super old next to Mark in bed together.

Yes, like the movie, “The Notebook” .


Today, as I look back on our almost 16 years of marriage on this earth, I can say, “Thank you” to God for giving me the opportunity to have “Loved”.

And to have loved on a deep level.

Our Marriage saw it all.

Financial struggle, 4 kids in 4.5 years, new business ventures, the rise of finances, travels, adventures, the joys and struggles of our kids growing into teenagers, Mark diagnosed with cancer and the eventual death of Mark on this earth.

Through it all, we loved each other.

Through it all, I loved.

I experienced those wedding vows on a deep and real life level.

And I say, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

Mark was a gift to me and I to him.

So, today in honor of Mark and I’s journey and experiences, I have put together a special “Anniversary” bundle which includes:

1. Solomon Erotica:19 secrets to a Spicy Marriage,

2. How to be happy being married to a marketer (Mark and I were babies in this video),

3. Marriage and raising Entrepreneurial Kids.

You can take a peek here:

Dear Reader,

Love your Lover with ALL you got.

Pour your heart and soul into it, for, it is better to have loved than not to have loved at all.

✅Write that love note you have been thinking about.

✅Give that back massage

✅Embrace with a tight hug and whisper in her ear

✅Do it ALL and more

Our days are numbered and only our Creator knows when those numbers are up.

So, I urge you to embrace each moment with gusto so at the end of your days you can say, ” I loved”.


Dear Mark (Lovebeast),

There was never a dull moment being married to you.

You are gone but our Love for each other will always be remembered.

Until we meet again…

Your bunny,


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