Well hello-Shannon Hoverson
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I am Shannon Hoverson or just “Shanny”, to most.

First and foremost, I am a mother to 4 beautiful children, (Isaac - 15, Grace - 13, Rush - 12, and Micah - 11.)

Second, I am an Entrepreneur, President and CEO overseeing 3 businesses and a Foundation for the Hoverson Brands.

Last but not least, I am a widow as of August, 17, 2018.


Losing my husband, best friend and mentor of over 16 years broke my heart and spirit more than I could have ever imagined. Watching my husband be diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Pancreatic cancer and told on more than one occasion that he only had 30 days to live does something to a person.

I took care of him from the day we said, “I Do” to each other by washing his feet at our wedding and continuing until the end when he took his last breath and I bathed his entire body with essential oils and lotion.

His death left me in a place emotionally I had never felt before. I am still figuring it all out.

I have a choice and I continue to have a choice each day to quit or to put on my brave wings and fly.

I choose to fly for my children, I choose to fly for myself and I choose to fly for YOU.  We all have a story. Mine is still in process and I want to take you with me as I learn to fly each day, some higher than others. But I still fly each and every day.

Follow me and if my journey somehow touches and empowers you to continue flying amongst the storms, please let me know, I would be honored.

We are in this game of life together, let’s win.

Shanny - Shannon Hoverson

“I gather my strength from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whom I take refuge.”


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