Life can be pretty interesting.

Leaving out the details of how it all got connected and with who, just know that you never know who you could be sitting next to on an airplane and sometimes talking to the person next to you has the potential to lead to something bigger in your life.

I recently connected with a producer and we talked briefly about my family’s story being a reality show and if I would be open to that idea. (This conversation happened because we talked on the airplane and I told him my life story and he said it was pretty interesting and wanted to talk more.) 

In then end, it is not a match, but what was more interesting to me about that conversation were the stories he has encountered.

So many interesting lives and stories that have been created in this world.

As we were talking I said, I would rather my story be a book and made into a movie.

In which he asked, “To what end? “

A Great Question…

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it. 

And the first thing that came to my mind was:

“A Gift” 

I want my life to feel like a gift.

When I meet someone whether it be for 5 minutes or ongoing, to feel like they were given a gift.

The same if they were to read my story or watch it on the big screen, I want the reader to feel like they just got the gift of hope.

Really that is my story.

The Courage to Hope.

All the pieces of the puzzle are not put together yet but I truly have developed a peaceful hope that I have been given this life as a gift and that it will end up being a bigger gift for others.


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