So this is Christmas

Dec. 26th, 2018

The day after Christmas.

Our First Christmas without our Beloved, Mark Hoverson.

I have to admit I had this vision in my head that didn’t quite come to fruition when the kids and I had “Our” Christmas time together before all the extended family time came to happen.


And so it goes, right?

I envisioned reading the Christmas story of baby Jesus from the bible, and getting all sentimental about the reason for the season..

Yeah that didnt’ quite happen, lol.



I did get the kids to all open up with their favorite “Christmas” memory of Mark before we opened up gifts.

But let’s back up several hours before I came home to the kiddos and our family festivities.

I ran into the city (yes, the city…I live in a town of 400 so we must run into the city for all things.) for last minute gifts, Johnnie Walker Blue Whiskey, (a tradition that Mark started with his family several years ago), Hennessy Black Brandy and food, you know, all of the essentials for a good time.

And as I was driving home with the sun glistening on the snow covered ground, tears began streaming down my cheeks…Not on purpose…They just came.

Not sad tears.

But tears of past……Joyful tears.

Memories flooded my mind of past Christmas’s with Mark and the kiddos.

  • *Story of Baby Jesus being read out of the Bible
    *Presents being ripped opened
  • *Mark smoking a cigar
  • * Ski Trips
  • *Snowmobiling
  • *Me Pulling the kids on the snow sleds so so fast while Mark watched from the warm comfort of the house Bay window
  • *Cross Country Skiing on the Turtle River together
  • *And Laughing together. .
  • Sooooooo Much Laughing….

So this Christmas, instead of trying to fight reality and post a pic of some made up pic of me and kids..which we didn’t even get btw. lol.

I instead, post this pic of memories of past that have brought our family traditions and memories to last a lifetime, memories that I will share with the grandkids, great grandkids and beyond.

Memories that are forever instilled joy into my heart

The Johnnie Walker Blue was used by Mark’s uncles and cousins and myself as I gave a toast in honor of Mark and the family that he brought me into.

I was standing there, me…amongst all of Mark’s family..

We raised our glasses and I toasted not to Mark’s family, but to “MY FAMILY”, because…
We are family and they accepted me as though I am one of them from day one…


This picture is one of blessing, not of sadness.

Cheers to finding the blessing amongst the pain.


**So much more I could share from the holidays like Me attending my first wedding dance without my #lovebeast, Me catching the wedding the Bridal bouquet and the thought process behind that, and, Mark’s 90 year old gpa showing my 15 year old Isaac some dance moves to “Sweet Caroline”…

but… I will save that for another time. 😉

Love to you all…



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