The Funeral

What an Event.

Thank you ALL who made the trek to Grand Forks, ND for Mark’s funeral service, I know it wasn’t easy.

To Everyone who attended in person or via the Livestream, the Hoverson family is extremely grateful. The stories and memories that have been shared will be remembered and cherished forever.

On that same note, anyone who is willing, would you kindly repost your Mark Hoverson FB post to the Mark Hoverson Memorial page for myself and the kids to revisit as the desire wills?

Just type “Mark Hoverson Memorial” in the search bar and then add your post to the page.

The highlight of the Funeral Service for me was when the kids and I walked on stage to share and it began to rain loudly on the roof. It continued to rain throughout the time myself and the kids were sharing. As we stepped off of the stage, the rain stopped!

I like to believe this was Mark letting us know he was with us. It was precious.

Proverbs 3:35 states that “The wise will be honored”

Mark Davis Hoverson was honored this day.

Thank you to all of the speakers: Lance Olimb (officiant), Vince Reed, Chad Hoverson, Brooks Bollinger, Scott Schwartz, Jeremy Olimb, Ray Higdon, Jonathan Budd, Jaden Easton, Chris Stapleton and Matthew Shetler for giving all of us who know and don’t know Mark, a sneak peak into his greatness, his fun, his wisdom, and his genuine love that he had for others.

To have met Mark, is to walk away feeling like you were his Best Friend by the way he Loved deeply.

As my dear friend, Aaron Rashkin put on his FB post, “Gone but never forgotten”.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our family as the healing continues.


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