This Is Real

My talented friend, Jonathan Otto sent me this video he recently put together from Mark’s funeral held on August 17, 2018.

Jonathan Otto did a great job showing how Mark Hoverson was loved and how one day we will be reunited due to our faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Silence overtakes my heart and my body becomes a bit paralyzed still realizing that this is all real.

As the tears stream down my cheeks while I have this video on repeat…

I continue to look to God and trust Him that someway, somehow this is how it is to be for the betterment of us all.


I was blessed to be able to watch Mark take his last breath and feel Mark’s last heartbeat.

That memory will forever be with me.


I bathed him from head to toe and embalmed him with essential oils while Mark’s favorite hymns gently played in the background.

This time together was a fitting end.

Just as I washed his feet at our wedding, I washed his body at his death bed.

Forever soulmates, Mark, I love you,

Until we meet again,

Shanny - Shannon Hoverson

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